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Question for 1811s or people with a lot of fed LE experience


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    Originally posted by Ali G View Post
    Thanks for responding. About the management, I really get the impression that up at the very top, they have the right mindset, but all the SES people below him are the problem. I could be wrong.

    They did create an investigative arm in DC, but it is still pretty small from what I understand. The new emphasis on the rails and transportation operations in general seems to have brought some attention back on the need for investigative training. The whole reason I asked is because, like you mentioned from before, there has been some talk of them finally getting the investigative training for people, BUT stopping short of CITP so we don't all do a mass exodus to everywhere else. I honestly don't see that as a threat since many of us still wouldn't be able to articulate investigative experience, except for at a GS level well below what some of these guys are making. Thus, they have trapped themselves. So, I really don't think that many people would bounce any quicker than they already are.

    You are absolutely right about money being an issue too. Apparently the CI training was approved up to some pretty high levels before it finally got squashed above the TSA level.

    Again, you were also right about the problem with pulling people off missions to send them to training. So, the talk was to send people to this "almost CITP" course right after they get hired and then backfill the rest (probably at a painfully slow rate). I guess they were trying to take a que from ya'll when ya'll went back to hiring as 0082's and automatically transitioning to 1811s. Not that we would change our series, but that we would follow your model for backfilling the training.

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you say they may be afraid of people taking off once they get this training. I don't think your agency will be that well off until those outside the agency, Congress, realize they need to start hiring management from the rank and file. Lord knows that the job, with the pay and the mission, could keep people there if they would let adults be adults. But until that happens you guys will always have a good chance of moving on to 1811 slots because the job itself is respected.

    If there was a sure fire way of promoting to 1811 like we, USMS, have now.....I can almost assure that people would stay longer to see the opportunities that might be ahead. But I don't see that because management, although it may be getting better, still lives by what Quinn instilled unfortunately. I think the agency has a ton of potential. But until Congress steps in, and I mean really steps in and starts getting rid of the trash there, the agency is just going to be a revolving door for people to build their resumes.


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