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FEDeral agencies question Please!


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    Originally posted by shawal16 View Post
    CIA SPOs have to complete the UPTP at FLETC. They seem to be hiring. I applied on a whim and was asked to complete an online test, and send some paperwork back in DEC. I was invited to attend a informational session in March.
    You are correct as it seems like you are in the know since you have in fact applied with them.

    I was just stating the fact that most people (for some stupid reason) think of the CIA as being a Federal LE Agency and they are not.

    They have a handful of folks that do a LE mission who are a very, very small part of Agency's mission, which is Intel Gathering.

    Same with NSA. They do in fact have their own Uniformed force but, once again, they are a very small part of the agency's mission.


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      Originally posted by Jarhead1302 View Post
      You guys with just a bachelors need to get real. Most agencies are swamped with applicants so they are going to toss your resume out without something extra. Your best bet is to join the military and take graduate classes while you are in. When you get out you will have respectable work experience and maybe even a graduate degree.
      When you submit a resume, at least through the USAjobs system, it is filtered through a keyword search. One of the main keyword(s) that is searched for is COLLEGE (Bachelors, Masters, PhD) DEGREE. I know that this can vary based on requirements for a given position, and doesn't guarantee anything, but you won't make it out of the blocks without it.
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          How is that CBP test, im taking it next month, gonna start studying this weekend, has anyone taken it? Id assume its easier than the FBI, or USSS one?


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            One's best bet to get hired as a criminal investigator in federal agencies such as the FBI, ATF, DEA, USSS, ICE and the others are to possess one or more of the following accomplishments in one's background. The more of these you have, the more marketable you are. You may have none of these and still get hired (unlikely), or may have all of these and not get hired (very possible). It could all be a matter of luck, timing, and who you know.

            * Have a bachelor's degree (or higher)
            * Have (really) good grades in college
            * Military experience
            * Law enforcement experience (criminal investigative experience preferred)
            * Certain sought after language skills
            * Critical skills (for the FBI)
            * Specialized skills (accounting background for IRS-CID, etc.)

            This is not an all-inclusive list, just a guide.
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              To the OP. If you want action apply to the USBP. No other federal agency arrests more people or catches more dope than the Patrol. The amount of details you can get on with after your probation are endless. A hard worker can also gain a great deal of investigative experience with the patrol if you want to go that route. Its not all just working the line. But you will have to move to the SW border to do it.

              And do not apply to the northern border if you want to be a PA. That is where you go after you have really learned the job and you want to move back home or slow down. Not the place to be if you want to catch bodies and dope. If you apply, meet the requirements and pass the BI, you will likely be hired. Whether you successfully complete the training is another story. Good luck with whatever you try to do.


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