So I was talking to a buddy at work the other day and we had been discussing different federal positions such as the NSA's Technical Surveillance house and he mentioned that he knew a guy in the FBI's Technical Surveillance department. This perked my interest a great deal as I have been desperately trying to find out the avenues, if any, there are in this particular area of expertise over the past couple of years. He went on to say that this guy deals heavily with electronic and technological security and surveillance, installing and operating closed circuit cameras and other devices while assisting in on-going investigations, biometric scanners and so on. A while back I recalled an ATF position titled something like technical surveillance agent but have since come across anything similar.

So, since I have a strong desire to work with the FBI along with a strong desire to work in the technical surveillance field, I wanted to ask if anyone here has heard of such a department with the FBI?

If so, do you have any information on what it is they actually do for the most part?

Also, do you have any advice as to how one might go about getting into said department?

If not, have you heard of such a department/position in any other agencies?

Thanks guy...