For those interested in working for the Austin Texas Police Department we will be conducting entry testing out of state on May 16th in Boston, Massachusetts and June 6th in Cincinnati.

If you have current police experience and seeking to go to a modified academy I have still not received word on that start date but it may be delayed until late 2010 or early 2011. Our process has changed now in that once you pass our entire hiring process you are good for 2 years to be hired by APD. We also have the ability to place you in the next available class if you cannot make the March 2010 cadet class. I would suggest applying to the regular academy for March 2010 and you have up until the day prior to the start of the academy to ask for a deferment to the next cadet class or the modified if you qualify.

If you would like to apply with us visit

If you want to test out of state in Massachusetts or Ohio please email the Recruiting Unit Sergeant at [email protected]

We also offer regular monthly testing in Austin, Texas.

We offer excellent salary and benefits.

The class we will be testing for is anticipated to start in March 2010.

The salary exclusive of any additional stipends/overtime will be:

Cadet Pay- $32,001

Probationary Officer Pay after graduation- $52,374

1 Year Officer Pay- $60,536

2 Year Officer Pay- $68,819

16 Year Officer Pay- tops out if officer does not promote- $90,208