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States that will accept with past charges?


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  • States that will accept with past charges?

    I'm trying to get into Law Enforcement. I have wanted to do this for many years. However, I had never persued it because I had gotten into some trouble beck in the early to mid 80's. I had been doing some research over the past year, and finally applied for the Wichita Falls, Tx PD. I told them everything, and they did some back ground last fall. They told me to get inrolled in college classes, as I would need to have 12 college credit hours. I applied, got a 91.7 on the civivl service, passed PAT, and Bpad in December. I got DQ'ed last week for the very thing I had asked them about before applying. I had two felony charges in 1985, (receiving and burglary of a vehicle) the terms of the plea were that they be reduced and sealed. I knew that they would only be sealed to the public, and not to LE. I have had many employment back grounds ran that came back clean. I have not tried to and will not be deceptive about this, it did happen and I can't change that. I am asshamed to say that it did, but I can dedicate myself to the future. I got a copy of my rap sheet from California. They were reduced, and then dismissed. However, the problem is this was done after the terms of the plea had been meet. I did some time in the County jail, and probation. So, they were dismissed in 89, but the case was from 85. I call TCLEOSE today, they do the Officer certifications for Texas, they told me that it was a DQ for the state of Texas. They said that it may not be in all the states. The final disposition of all charges is dismissed. However, there was a conviction. I did not have these records expunged. I can not get the court records from Ca., as the cases are to old. If anybody has information of a state, or any department that may accept me, please let me know. I will dedicate myself to what ever is required by them to make this happen. It cost me about $10k to find out that the WFPD had given incorrect information. I do not want to waste my time or any department time, as they do have better quilified applicants to process. I'm not looking for a job, I have that. I am seeking the lifstyle and pride of being a LEO. I have made mistakes in the past. I can make a difference in future, if given the chance. Please don't candy coat things, I know I've done wrong. I just want to exhaust all my options. I will not give up if there is a chance. I am 44 years old also, but my physical condition is pretty good (1st one over the line in the endurance run for WFPD, and the oldest one to apply). Thank You, in advance for taking the time and consideration to read, and respond to this.
    Mark Meyer

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    Any thoughts? I've been doing some searching, but most of them don't show there disqualifiers.


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      Any person convicted of a felony (or of a crime in another jurisdiction that would be a felony in California) is prohibited from employment as a California peace officer [Government Code Section 1029(a)]. This prohibition holds even if the conviction was sealed, expunged, or set aside. It may also apply to any convictions that were subsequently reduced to a misdemeanor
      occurring on or after January 1, 2004.

      Proceedings under juvenile court are generally not considered to be a criminal conviction under Government Code Section 1029 unless the individual was certified, tried and convicted as an adult. Therefore, juvenile convictions are not included as a legal bar to appointment as a peace officer. However, the conduct surrounding the offense should certainly be considered as part of
      the overall background.
      Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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        State of Arizona: (courtesy of www.azpost.gov)

        R13-4-105. Minimum Qualifications for Appointment

        A. Except as provided in subsection (C) or (D), a person shall meet the following minimum qualifications before being appointed to or attending an academy:

        (abridged other parts that don't pertain to this questions)

        6. Not have been convicted of a felony or any offense that would be a felony if committed in Arizona;

        (Section C abridged - deals with prior experimental drug use)

        D. An agency head who wishes to appoint a person whose conduct is grounds to deny certification under R13-4-109 may petition the Board for a determination that the otherwise disqualifying conduct constitutes juvenile indiscretion. The petition shall:

        1. Specify the nature of the conduct, the number of times the conduct occurred, the method by which information regarding the conduct came to the agency's attention, and any attempt by the agency head to verify the accuracy of the information; and
        2. Include sufficient information for the Board to determine that all of the following are true:
        a. The conduct occurred when the person was less than age 18;
        b. The conduct occurred more than 10 years before application for appointment;
        c. The person has consistently exhibited responsible, law-abiding behavior between the time of the conduct and application for appointment;
        d. There is reason to believe that the person's immaturity at the time of the conduct contributed substantially to the conduct;
        e. There is evidence that the person's maturity at the time of application makes reoccurrence of the conduct unlikely; and
        f. The conduct was not so egregious that public trust in the law enforcement profession would be jeopardized if the person is certified.
        3. If the Board finds that the information submitted is sufficient for the Board to determine that the factors listed in subsection (D)(2) are true, the Board shall determine that the conduct constituted juvenile indiscretion and grant appointment.


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          Thank You for your responses. This was 24 years ago, but it did happen. I'm not sure if I will qualify anywhere, but I want to search for all the options first.


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            Felony = no firearms rights (Federal Law) = no go for LE.


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              Your a felon. Even though it was many years ago you are finished as far as LE goes.


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                Thank You, I was not sure, since the final disposition is dismissed. I guess I could do the paper work for a firearm, and see how it comes back. Thanks for taking your time to respond.


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