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    All I know is the RR police will not hire you unless you have mad skills like computer hacking skills, nun-chuck skills, etc.
    Nobody, I mean nobody makes Sheriff Bufford T. Justice look like a possums pecker.


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      NS Police

      Originally posted by orlandofed5-0 View Post
      I maybe outta here soon. Got an offer to go be a GS-08 at NNMC. If the money is right, I may take it.

      The only RR pd besides Amtrak that sends folks to the academy was conrail and they were the last of the freight boys to still be considered craft (hourly employees) until their FOP sold them out. Wow. Sounds like Amtrak.

      PS--NS police in Chicago are not even issued tickets books from what talking to the NS officer I work with.
      Well you got some things wrong! First off I used to be a S/A for a large RR in the Chicago area (Not NS). One in Illinois you have FULL police authority on and off of your property. We WERE issued ticket books and I DID write tickets and arrest people for NON RR related things that I on-viewed! Does the RR like you arresting people with no nexus, it depends on what the crime was and how that would help build bridges with the local PD or town the arrest was made. In Chicago you work a lot in neighborhoods were the tracks ran adjacent to these areas. So 80% of my time I was in Fu**ed up neighborhoods. Shootings, robberies, car-jackings happen around you, and often you are hand-waived by a citizen about this. We carried Chicago Police radios and we had awesome relationships with them. As far as the certification goes Illinois most likely will take any out-of-state certifications as long as it was a certified police academy. You go through a quick waiver (two classes) and take the test and you become certified. Once certified you are bound by federal authority ONLY when traveling out of state to another state to work a detail. So in essence you will have police authority in that state so you can work. We worked a combo of plain-clothes and uniform assignments and marked/unmarked cars. Tons, and tons of burglaries, trailer thefts/hi-jackings in Chicago. It is very busy and you won't even make a dent in the guys/crews with the people you arrest. Not mentioning internal thefts/burglaries.

      And for the record it DOES help if you know someone to get in! So the NS cop is telling the truth Anytime we had openings we had like 1 opening and 300 applicants. My captain said look at these resumes and pull some people for interviews. If you know someone in that department it helps big time. And you most certainly have to have police or police academy to get hired.


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        State Certification

        Originally posted by Bearcat357
        Folks, I want to apoligzie from derailing this thread.

        The person in question that is mouthing he has inside help, is full of crap!

        I have talked to NSCorp HR several times and YOU MUST BE State Certified in the State you are trying to work in. End of Question. They will knock you from the list if you are not.

        If you are lucky and get through for some reason, you will be soon dismissed. That came straight from the head HR Ladies mouth.......

        Good luck....and please don't listen to this guy. He is a poser....a wannabe....and will only get you in trouble with HR if you listen to him....
        Maybe in NS, but I know a few RR's that will hire you, swear you in and send all of your training for a waiver to the state board. Then you will have to take two classes (at least in Illinois) and a test. We had quite a few guys from out-of-state that did this. It all depends on the RR, and the state in which you apply. It seems that NY, PA, IL, and a few others will take lateral transfers. But SC, and VA won't. So it depends on the state and the RR. I also think it depends on that particular SAC/Chief Special Agent. If he wants you, and it's a lateral state, you will get the job. So again it is one of these things (in my experience) about who you know.


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          Originally posted by NV_13 View Post
          Maybe in NS, but I know a few RR's that will hire you, swear you in and send all of your training for a waiver to the state board.
          I've talked to BNSF and UP and they will (depending on the State) hire you as long as you are a certified LEO and get you up to speed so you are certified in the state you are working in.....

          So...just looking for one of those is what I am doing now....



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            NS Police

            Not knocking the NS, cause there are good police officers working for them, however the one I would recommend if you have a choice is the UP hands down.


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              Originally posted by NV_13 View Post
              Well you got some things wrong! First off I used to be a S/A for a large RR in the Chicago area (Not NS).
              Iam a railroad police officer and I work with NS on a pretty regular basis since it is there trains running on my lines. And as you have stated, you DO NOT work for NS. Im going off the info the NS SA told me. They do not issue there guys ticket books in the chicago area and Im pretty sure I know why. It does not take the fact they have good guys working there including the officer who took down a murderer a few years ago while patrolling the yard.
              I don't answer recruitment messages....


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