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    Hey guys - just joined the site, long time reader.

    Just wondering if anyone put in for the EPA 1811 spot in NY. It just closed, Monday...stated it was for one vacancy GS 9/11. Just curious if we have any EPA SA's on the board or if anyone else applied or knowns anything about the EPA application process. I 've been through the Fed app process before so I know the drill, wait...then wait....then be sure to....wait....just curious if anyone has gone through it with the EPA
    Thanks and Be safe.

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    I went through the entire process for them in Nashville right after 9-11, like you said, usual fed hiring process. I was offered the job when USSS/UD called and offered "more excitement and money" (WORST DECISION EVER!). If they only had one vacancy, it might speed up the process. I applied for the WDC/Arlington VA for the 9/11 slots, so if I hear anything, I will pass on the time frame.


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      I have a buddy who was picked up by EPA out of Tampa. He applied, interviewed and was offered the job back in Nov, the whole process took about 4 months. He's at FLETC now. I've applied for a bunch of the positions over the last couple months, but have yet to receive a call for an interview.


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        Hey thanks for the replies.

        SuperTrooper - did you recently apply for the WDC/VA EPA position.... or was that in the past? If its current, I ll be sure to keep you up to date about my time frame in NY. Also, just curious, if you applied recently, was the DC/VA announcement for one vacancy too?

        DPD - what was your buddy's background?

        Thanks again guys.


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          Army, 5 years as a CID Agent. B.A. in Criminal Justice I think.


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            DPD - good deal, thanks. Your buddy's resume sounds good.


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