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Question about Bypassing Civil Service Process


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  • Question about Bypassing Civil Service Process

    Columbus Division of Police announced today that they are laying off the 27 recruits that are graduating from the academy this Friday because the city's budget is not sufficient to pay their salaries past the academy (although they will receive 30 days pay while they look for another job). The city paid $1.2 million dollars to run this academy class and will now ensure that these newly trained officers will go virtually anywhere except Columbus to serve. I sympathize with these men and women who I feel City Council misled (our mayor, Michael Coleman, recently spent almost $2 million dollars for a contractor to conduct a study for a proposed light rail system for downtown).

    My question is as follows:

    In the news release, officials stated that several hiring departments would be present at the recruits' graduation this Friday to discuss employment options. I recently applied to two suburban police departments whose vacancy announcements (civil service of course) closed in the past week. I believe that it would be an egregious violation of civil service ethics to bypass the candidates who applied for these announcements that have already been closed. However, I also see how a municipality may want to save quite a bit of money by hiring an applicant who has already completed the academy. By the way, both the departments that I applied to will pay to send their new hires to a training academy of the city's choosing contigent on satisfaction of the hiring requirements.

    Would it be possible that these two departments who have closed their announcements could sidestep those who have already applied and allow these recruits (who did not apply to the job announcement while it was open) to be hired instead? I am testing with both departments in the next two weeks and am just wondering if exceptions to the civil service process are ever made. Thanks.

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    I don't know about where you are but here in Cali applicants are usually grouped into separate categories as; recruit, pre-service, and lateral. Those applicants that haven't graduated an academy would be recruits, pre-service would be academy grads without a POST certificate, and laterals would be cops coming from a different agency. So it actually wouldn't be a violation of civil service rules because they are technically applying for a different position.
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      At least in my state, the civil service system is one of protection. That also includes a provision that laid off civil service police officers will go to the top of the hiring pool for departments within the civil service agreement.


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