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Which department to choose? First post!


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  • Which department to choose? First post!

    Good evening,
    I am currently a university student majoring in education in Long Island. The question I have for the officer.com community is a bit generalized and broad, so, as this is my first post here I would like to give you an overview of myself in order to better base your opinions.

    As stated in the aforementioned, I am a Bachelor's degree seeking student in the field of education and will be a certified K-12 teacher in four semesters. I am studying as a full time student in Long Island at Hofstra University while holding 25 hours a week part time as a waiter. I have been in the restaurant industry since I was fourteen years of age and like to think I possess the work ethic to go along with that! Aside from the field of academia, I am a licensed private pilot (Fixed wing) and am also a performing classical musician.

    That being said - with college I have learned that I do love education, though strongly feel that I could be of a better help to a community outside of the classroom. This is where I find my main impetus behind my desire to enter law enforcement.

    My main question to you folks though is this. I plan to not remain in New York once my degree has been completed. I am currently looking at departments on the west coast and a few down south. Could anyone comment on the hiring situation of the various departments in California? Oregon? Washington? Texas? Florida? Assuming I am able to pass the tests how well would I bode as candidate for hire in these departments?

    What I am really looking for is a strong sense of camaraderie within the department, great training in the academy, and maybe some newer technology to utilize in the field.

    Another main concern of mine is my size. I am 5'7'' and 165lbs. I can run two miles and would consider my self in shape, though I know whenever I see cops around here in LI (Nassau County) they are usually 6'+ giants. Will my height serve as a disadvantage?

    I sincerely thank you all for your time taken to read my post and look forward to your responses!


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    Might want to try Border Patrol. Florida Highway Patrol is hiring. Check them out too! Good luck!!!


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      Your height will never be an issue with any department. If you can pass the physical readiness test and the medical, then you will meet the physical requirements. Of the four guys my department just hired, the tallest is 5'8''. In the last class, there wasn't a guy less than 6'2''. They simply do not care about height.


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