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LASD academy (STARS center)..can I go back in after separation?


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  • LASD academy (STARS center)..can I go back in after separation?

    I was in the LASD academy(STARS center) for one month & got separated after failing my remedial test. During one month, I was given break recruit, platoon sergeant, & class sergeant duties. On the day of my separation, my lieutenant told me, "I'm going to recommend that you not allowed to come back due to lack of leadership & not following orders many times. But ultimate decision will be made by the personnel".
    Having him said that, what are my chances of getting back in? I made a mistake and didn't put enough effort & now I regret it very much. One other recruit who got separated with me(not passing the remedial test) told me that lieutenant told him that he's welcome to come back. But I didn't get such a welcoming statement from the lieutenant.
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    Seems like your screwed. I don't think Pre-Employment will help you out here. You might have to wait a year or two before reapplying for DST again. Lieutenant in Training Bureau saying those things holds A LOT of Weight.


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      Sorry but if you still want to be in law enforcement you're going to have to find another agency.
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        What orders didn't you follow?


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          (1)I didn't memorize penal codes after my DI told me to more than once.
          (2)my DI had to tell me to shine my boots more than once.
          (3)My DI had to tell me to shave my hair more than once.
          (4)My DI had to tell me shave to my skin more than once.
          (5)I fotgot to bring my uniform, ID, & boots at different times
          (6)my command presence didn't improve after holding platoon seargeant's position for one week.

          Actually, to my surprise, I liked the class seargeant's duties. I was looking forward to it but I failed my remedial test on the same day I was given that position.


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            Sounds like you have some maturing to do. It doesnt sound like you took the academy very seriously. Since it is not a resident academy you should have had more than enough time after hours to square your equipment and personal hygiene away, and complete any studying you needed to complete. Take some time and do some self-reflection to decide if a career in LE is for you. A stint in the armed forces would give you some discipline and help to reduce the rather substantial blemish you have created for a LE background check.

            As far as LASD is concerned, I would say forget it. Why would the agency want to gamble on you again. There are plenty of other candidates who would take the opportunity much more seriously.
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