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    Originally posted by ELCID02 View Post
    Well training is training but experience is different. The Combined Arms Group, AKA Delta, is the best in the world, hands down. They have very demanding training but more importantly have been taking down the baddest of the bad day in and day out since the war kicked off. Now, if you say they dont count think about FBI HRT. They are doing 3 month deployments to Baghdad were they are running snatch missions with SOF daily. Once again not trying to argue b/c I agree raiding crack houses day in and day out is insane but rolling with JAM, Al Quieda, Badar Corps, etc. is a little different. I don't recall crack heads using suicide bombers on a daily basis.
    If you want to throw deployments out there by civilian teams, other than the ones the brave men and women in the miltary are doing, USMS SOG constantly has people over there for 4-6 months deployments.
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      Originally posted by Up_On_Base
      Why are civilian teams from USMS going to Iraq?

      How is that part of their mission? I dont care they are there, just wondering why?

      Bottom line, there are a ton of highly trained and very high speed teams in the US (Local, City, State, Fed). Each special unit has a different mission/purpose. For example, the USSS ERT, CAT and CS teams are awesome. Most people in the Service will agree, the counter-sniper group is the best...even most SA's will admit that. That being said, I am not sure how many of those guys want to be doing 3-6 month tours in Iraq.
      They run a gammot (sp?) of things over there. I know they had involvement with the Saddam case, help with the protection of the judicial system over there and even went out on a missions with the military. I could be wrong, but the tours they do overseas are voluntary. I don't think they are made to go over at any point.


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        Originally posted by manstown View Post
        . . . gammot (sp?) . . .



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