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  • Where to get started?

    I am wanting to get the ball rolling on getting a career as a police officer. Only problem is I have no idea where to start. I dont know what classes in school I should take, where to apply and with whom.

    Also, how much does your driving record, and background (i.e. Jobs) factor in?

    I am currently a professional poker player but really want to be a cop. Like I've seen in other threads, its not about the money. It is actually going to be a very substantial drop in my hourly rate to become a police officer, but its a dream of mine. Im 23 as well.

    So what do I do?

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    Originally posted by ROSchwoe

    If you want to become a cop, apply. If you want to be a poker player, keep playing. It's that simple, but none of us here are financial advisors to help you with your lifestyle on a different salary.

    Thanks for the response. I wasn't asking for financial advice, Im good in that department. I just meant what do I do to get started.

    My driving record isn't great. I have a driving while suspended ticket on record (about three years ago). Im sure the reason for the ticket doesn't make a difference. Does that make it a no go? If I keep a clean record for a few years would that make any difference?

    I could just go to my local department and apply?! With no schooling or prior experience?


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