There was once upon a time when I had hoped on becoming one of NY's finest. For better or worse that never happened but the salary was a little unclear to me maybe because I'm noticing a bit of a fluctuation. My numbers may be slightly off so please correct me if I'm wrong.

I was on the fence for the July 05' class. I was DQ'ed on the psyche and subsequently never got in. If I'm correct, that was the last class before the starting salary was dropped. Something like from $38k-$32k. Also top salary after 5 years was also lowered from $70k-$59k (again I could be slightly off with numbers) Now presently the starting salary was raised to about $40k and top salary is approx $90k.

I'm assuming the salaries are somehow pro-rated so say if you were hired under the old contract ($32k)'d automatically be bumped up to $40k. And you'd have the potential to earn the larger of the two salaries after 5 years. Am I wrong about this?

Also let's say you've worked as a cop for five years or more and (prior to the revision of the newer contract) you were to understand that you would have the potential to earn say $59K.....but then city counsel and police unions issue a new contract where the rookies have the potential to gross $90k after 5 years. What happens to the cop whose now a "veteran" at this point?

Don't get me wrong I have no desire to ever look back and consider a career in LE. (No offense to anyone). Just curious that's all.