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    Hey, I appreciate your help in advance.

    My name is Chris and I have avidly been seeking employment with SBCSD for a few months now, yet hiring for Deputy Sheriff Trainees has yet to become available. I couldn't afford to put myself through the academy, so I'm pretty much banking on them accepting me and passing my CAPOST.

    I've rented study guides from the library, questioned more deputies than I can count and have been polishing up on my essay writing skills... What more can I do?

    I'm confident I will pass the CAPOST and the physical exam. I have always done really well in interviews.

    What else can I do? Some of the recruiting officers and HR people know me by name because of my persistence in calling them.

    I'd accept any and all advice, as I have decided this is what I need to do with my life.

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    I'm in the same boat as you, and all I can tell you is that even though there hasn't been a "freeze" in the hiring, its almost like saying that we weren't in a recession 3 months ago. They simply aren't accepting any trainees through conventional means at the moment. A family friend of mine is a Lieutenant for the Grand Terrace Station, and he told me to wait it out a bit, maybe try for RSD or some neighboring PDs in the meantime.

    Apply everywhere! Once you get hired and do some time, you can lateral anywhere. Good luck!
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