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FBI Police and relocation expenses


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  • FBI Police and relocation expenses

    does the FBI police pay for relocating expenses? i noticed the Secret Service UD does, but i cant find anything on FBI. i would assume they're the same? then again, you know what they say about assuming...

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    Originally posted by ten08
    No one that I know of pays on an initial hire.
    i was looking into both the SSUD and FBI police, i know the UD does pay for relocating expense, says on the hiring announcement. i dont see any mention of it on the FBI announcement, thats why im wondering


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      If they do not state that they do, they probably do not...

      USPP used to pay, and then they stopped. now they say you are hired for DC and you ned to get there by yourself, then they will pay for you to get to GA and back.... In my class 1 guy was sent to SFFO, and becasue he was hired for DC, they paid his move to SF... big chunk of change it was like 3-4-5 grand ... and that was 12 years ago.


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        There are at least two former FBI Police Officers on here.....they should be able to answer your question.......

        Just be patient and they should arrive shortly.....


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          thanks gents


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            No relocation expenses. They do offer from time to time a recruitment bonus ($5k), but seeing how things have been there lately, I doubt that it is around anymore. If they do offer you one and you don't stay the full two years (which begins after FLETC), you will have to pay back a pro-rated portion of the bonus, as well as a pro-rated portion of your FLETC training expense (about $7k) based on how much of your commitment remains. I got hit with a $1200 bill when I left, but I did not get the recruitment bonus. There are people who accepted student loan repayment, a bonus, and had to pay back training fees. Must really suck to decide you don't like a position and have to pay $10k-20k to leave early. Make your decisions wisely!
            sigpic Bet they got a ticket for obstructing the rear window. God Bless America!


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