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    (mods can delete this if it is too far off-topic)

    While not exactly part of the LEO component of PFPA, PFPA hires civilian CBRNE/HAZMAT/WMD techs. Anyone familiar with the qualifications (certs/training) for this position?

    I'm currently employed as a hazmat tech, am certified as a Advanced HAZMAT Tech on the state-level and have been to the federal Alabama nerve agent course. I also have job-specific training on the WMD biological agents for where I work. I also have a bachelors in Biochemistry.

    If anyone here is familiar with PFPA, does the LEO component and the CBRNE techs do any joint training?

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    You need to check out the "Chemical Security Inspector" positions that are currently open at DHS. It is a journeyman GS13 and you seem to have the right qualifications for the position. They have several locations open including Newark.

    Good luck


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      You are more than enough qualified. They generally hire former military Chemical people, but will hire outside if qualified. As far as joint training, there is none. It seems that the various Directorates of the agency do not play well with each other, at least at the management level. Going back to the HazMat/CBRN part of the question, they prefer a HazMat Tech certification that is recognized by the PROBOARD. Though, if they like your resume enough, they will put you through the Department of Defense course.

      As far as what the job entails, don't expect a lot of calls, they may only receive one call a month and generally for suspicious white powders. This may explain the high employee turnover. They only respond to the Pentagon Reservation and sometimes DoD least facilities in the area, but then only get involved if asked by the local jurisdiction. If you are just looking to get into the federal government and be paid well at the same time, this job can be for you. But don't expect to be busy or to be doing anything high speed. I am not trying to bash the agency, just trying to give you my insight. If you have any other questions, post them and I will answer as best as I can.


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        Thanks for the help.

        Pretty much yeah, looking to get paid well, go to some training and get my foot in the door with fed employment. Understandable the low call volume, ours is pretty low too. While action would be fun, its not a prerequisite.

        I got denied once before for this position (Not referred as best qualified applicant). They use some kind of computer program to evaluate the resumes (Resumix), so when I submitted it this time I reworded some things to hopefully hit some keywords better.


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          Does anyone know if they have hired any Bomb Techs from the last Explosive Specialist positions?


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