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  • Criminal Research Specialist, Dhs

    Has anyone heard from the Criminal Research Jobs(ICE) that closed in Oct? I think there were three different locations. I declined the interview for one location, I decided it was not the right place for me to move. I am still waiting to hear from the other locations.

    Also for any current CRS , is this a Mon-Fri 9-5 job with no OT?

    Is travel or being on call required?

    I understatnd this might vary from location to location.


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    Do know a ton about this job. I know one gal that is a ICE CRS and she is a 13 on a task force and it does not seem like hard work at all. DID I MENTION ITS A 13! LOL I'm sure there is some overtime, but when its an office job and not LEO necessarily I can't imagine there is a ton of overtime.

    Good Luck!


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      Seems like a job few know about. I have applied for most of these postions in the northeast for the last 3 yrs and am always rated eligible for gs-9 through 13 yet never get called for an interview.

      I can only guess what the backgrounds are for those that actually get contacted


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        There was a similar thread a while back about this same position. A CRS (forgot his screen name) messaged me about it and described the position. Basically, it's a bit mored involved in operations than other agencies, which is good if you don't want to be bored sitting on your butt all day (or not lazy). The work he described was not really what I'm looking for; obviously, I desire to be more involved with criminal financial investigations. However, he seemed to enjoy the job much, and recommended it to me. And yes, the career ladder is GS-13.

        It's very good to have a job like CRS where you're actively involved in operations. Agencies like FBI and ICE are more liberal with their analysts in the field. Agencies like IRS-CI are VERY conservative, and almost oppose putting analysts in the field.


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          We have a few CRS in our office. To my knowledge, they don't do any fieldwork outside the office, although I am not aware of any prohibition on it, I think it depends on how the particular group supervisor wants to use them. We have one in my group who is very much part of the group and considered as an equal, just with a slightly different role than the agents. I do think travel is an option, I have seen TDY's posted for them, but I don't think travel would be mandatory outside of the basic training, which I believe is about 6 weeks at FLETC. I don't think they are generally required to be on-call, and since they don't get LEAP or AUO regular OT would be authorized if available and needed.

          The CRS in my group does a lot of subpoena issuance and follow-up, for example phone records, emails, bank records, etc. They are extremely resourceful, maintain access to a vast array of databases and are generally speaking a great asset for the agency.
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            Good news, I interviewed for a CRS job. I was advised by the RAC that he was happy with hiring me but he had to get it signed off by the SAC.(dif location then the RAC)I am guessing I should know something soon. I will post the news when I hear from someone.Still a waiting game but at least I know I am still in the running.
            I am a gs-11 step 5 what gs would I be hired at? The job is from GS 7-13, also does anyone know if you receive a G-ride with the CRS job?
            I was advised by the RAC I would not have a boss on site. That confused me a bit, I just assumed the CRS worked for the RAC or SAC.


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              No G-ride as a CRS, as far as I know.

              Regarding supervisors, CRS are usually assigned to a group, so in one sense the GS would be your supervisor. Some RAC offices are too small to have groups, so the RAC is usually the only supervisor in the office.

              However, I have heard that there is some sort of career ladder for CRS, so you may have a CRS supervisor that is off-site, possibly at the SAC office. I really don't know for sure, when I get a chance I will ask one of the CRS at my office.
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                Job offer via phone

                Good news, I was offered the job as a CRS by the RAC via phone. I havent received the hard copy of the intent to hire letter. The RAC said it will come from Dallas. Do anyone know how long before a start date is given? I understand a BI has to be done. I have a secret clearance with CBP,I am not sure if that will make it quicker since they(CBP/ICE) are both with DHS. Also what else has to be done? Medical,drug testing etc.....?

                Thanks alot


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