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Calling on all opinions on my background...


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    Originally posted by Fear n Perform View Post
    As much as you would like to play detective FutureLE.....I will solve your case for you. I "edited" my post for less then a handful of misspelled words. Read CLERICAL next to reasons for editing. As for p-bippy's response, again thank you for your time BUT No thanks!..........Lazy? Fired from c/o job? Toke up? I guess you let me have it huh? Did I or did I not write my past for my CHANCES BECAUSE OF MY ISSUES.....CHANCES DUNCE! Your Profile states that your a dispatcher correct? Where did the GOD fit in the word D-I-S-P-A-T-C-H-E-R? I'm going to guess that your feeling like you corrected me on my life choices now. Well your left field post was expected knowing that there was going to be at least one of you's to come out of the wood work and stare at something long enough until it gets distorted then write a blurry, half drunk post. You were wrong on many accounts. I hope your decision to write that short and quick post doesn't reflect on your decision making when one of someone's family members from this post call 911 and end up with you.

    Whatever makes you feel better about your life..

    BTW-I can edit my post and list "clerical" or "thumb in my a**" as the reason, that doesnt mean its true..


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      Originally Posted by Fear n Perform
      I know what I've done. Now WHY would I write ALL of my background for chance assement and delete/change something like that? THINK,THINK! If I was arrested twice I too would already know that my chances were non-existent. If your a "future officer" you must severly brush up on your observation because in a prison you will get hurt or ruin someone with a miswritten report. Good Lu.............nevermind DO NOT Write me back "future" lol future..........

      Funny thing is I have a job in LE as a police officer recruit, just havent updated my profile, and you have virtually zero chance of getting one. And I have a college education, which you dont. So Im where you want to be. Guess I have the last and best laugh.

      Dont feel bad, other people have made awful decision in their lives as you have..

      Good luck, I hear Target is hiring loss prevention officers.

      From Future LE( my buddy, lmao) who accuses me of editing my post. He's telling me I've been arrested for stealing and I deleted it so I can waste everyone's time on assesing my chances and lie on what I've done in the past.


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        Posting pm's is childish.
        What is Perseverance?
        -Perseverance is commitment, hard work, patience, endurance.
        -Perseverance is being able to bear difficulties calmly and without complaint.

        BOP - BPA - ICE


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          Well so is misreading my 100% honest post, being called a liar, then boasting as if my life is ruined from the responses. By the way, the last two minutes of the ncaa championship game w/ Memphis was very exciting. Second best to the Super Bowl and that saying something.


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            Fear, there are probably some security companies that would hire you at the bottom of the pile for a basic job. I doubt many PDs or Feds would hire you as in a security/LE job. You may be able to get into a local/state/Fed agency as something other than security/LE and transition after proving your history does not represent your present. You have serious uphill work that will take very adult decisions and dedication that has not been shown in your past. Good luck with your future decisions.


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              Originally posted by FutureLE View Post
              Why did you edit your original post where you stated you were fired for stealing?
              Fear- Apparently you do not read very well.. I said you stated you were fired for stealing, I never said anything about being arrested.

              Either way you seem mad because people, who know this field and the requirements to work in it, gave you honest responses and you cant handle it. Not everyone can meet the standards to be hired..
              Good luck in you ventures..

              Im done with this thread..


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                thank you fly and le! To those who can comrehend a mass amount of words bunched a space bar apart will understand your mistake. Gilbert grape's with plastic guns is what i do not need for my responses.....To those who reply to this post...THANK YOU ONLY IF YOU CAN READ AND UNDERSTAND WHAT WAS WRITTEN TO THE T. ACT AS THIS WAS A CIVIL SERVICE EXAM. 95% have and that's all I can repsect at this point. I will be non-existent from this point on due to the educated guess' that I recieved from the in/out the field people. My questions have been answered from a few good men/women and thats I've expected. Thank you again and always for your time............


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                  Originally posted by dotcomer View Post
                  Yes, I would agree your chances are slim. But never say never. I have a friend that is a Special Agent with one of those 3 letter agencies, that I will not disclose. He had been arrested before and had been fired from two jobs, and had over two years of habitual MJ useage. And he actually beat out a candidate friend that had a Masters Degree, was an established detective and had no criminal past. Truth be told is you never know who or what the goverment or whomever is looking for in someone. You can think you never have a chance and boom your in. I would say try to sustain a respectable lifestyle after getting a degree and in 10 years give it another shot. YES, your chances are slim, but dont leave it up to an open forum to make your decisions for you. Hopefully some of these post have given you a path to follow from here on out!
                  I agree! What are they looking for? This is the question that continues to float through my head. I recently put in a application for PD in my city and I have been told over and over again I would never get it because of my husbands past. I applied anyhow. I will know if those same people will eat those words shortly!

                  Im not a saint myself but I dont have anything horrible in my background. The worst thing you can do is not attempt to move forward in life. At least you can say " Hey I tried".


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