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Preparing for the Oral Interview


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  • Preparing for the Oral Interview

    Hello. I am applying as a Community Service Officer at a nearby agency. I'm scheduled to take the written test on March 25th. I'm confident I can pass that. My problem is going to be the oral interview.

    When I get nervous, I start talking like William Shatner. (Remember the original series Star Trek, he stuttered between words?) Well, I got that same problem when I am nervous, and (being a former Explorer with that agency) I know that they really lay the pressure on real thick in an oral interview.

    Anyone have any tips how to help me prepare for it, without looking like an idiot?

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    "I think I should be a professional coach for interviewing. Think up all the questions you possibly can. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING they might ask. Then, come up with a good answer. Practice in front of the mirror, tape record your answers, listen to them night and day until you find the best ones that flow easily. PRESENTATION PRESENTATION PRESENTATION. Don't be in a hurry to answer the questions and even ask them to repeat any question if you don't completely understand it. pause... (for a couple seconds) think about your answer and then tell them what you think. Its not based on the "most right" answer. Its based on the presentation. Good luck!"

    I stated this in another thread. but forgot to add--Right before you walk in, (while you are sitting there waiting for them to come and get you).. take a few breaths and try to lower your heart rate. It always works for me.
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