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  • outcome, advice needed

    The department who gave me that rough interview decided that for the 3 positions they had they would only want already certified applicants with a few years road experience. I think because they could fill spots as they become available quickly, and to avoid having to train new officers. I don't understand why they even interviewed me in the first place.

    My state's economy is in particular trouble and the community college I was going to go to get training at has cancelled it's program due to lack of sufficient enrollment. I'm not happy here anymore. Non-law enforcement jobs in my areas of study are hard to come by also. I finished my thesis in June of last year and since then the jobs have dwindled away.

    MA Sociology with 18 hours in CJ 3.8
    BA Political Science, Minor Philosophy 3.1
    Internship with local PD
    Female, 25
    Former ACC Scholar athlete
    Member of National Sociological Honor Society
    Past employment as a lifeguard, certified personal trainer, martial arts
    Currently volunteering as a HS Track coach

    Any advice from recruiters appreciated. I am interested in an intelligence or law enforcement related position in any level of government. I would like to work in the south east, but would consider DC.
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    Peaceful, have you every considered going federal??
    From what you have posted you have some good qualifications for federal positions. Try looking at this link: www.usajobs.opm.gov

    When you get there click on job openings and then the series specific. For series number just type in 18 then answer the rest of the questions and submit it. The "18" sreies for investigators and will get all in the series to pop up. (1811 criminal investigator, 1801 general LE and investigation ETC. ECT.)

    Just look through and see what you find.

    You may also want to go by your local US District Court and ask for the US Probation and Pretrial Services Offices. They are now hiring "gun toting" agents, but, I never see the openings on USAJobs.

    Another area you may want to look at is the 0080 job series for the feds.
    Not to insult any security guards here, but, alot of people see "Security" and don't want to do it.

    In the governement they separate security guards from the other security jobs. USUALLY if the job is for a security "OFFICER" or "SPECIALIST" its a GS-11 or 12 position.

    I will warn you we (the gov.)are notoriously slow in hiring.

    Good Luck!!!

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