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    I'm a deputy sheriff but am interviewing for another department that I really want to get on. I have a good background but I always botch the interview for some reason. I did ok to get on the sheriffs department but their hiring practices have traditionally been lax. Do you have any advice for me? Did I mention that I really want to get on this department? I scored a 99% on the civil service test. I am #1 on the list. Will the interview board take that into consideration? Thanks in advance.
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    I think I should be a professional coach for interviewing. Think up all the questions you possibly can. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING they might ask. Then, come up with a good answer. Practice in front of the mirror, tape record your answers, listen to them night and day until you find the best ones that flow easily. PRESENTATION PRESENTATION PRESENTATION. Don't be in a hurry to answer the questions and even ask them to repeat any question if you don't completely understand it. pause... (for a couple seconds) think about your answer and then tell them what you think. Its not based on the "most right" answer. Its based on the presentation. Good luck!

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