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What states/departments on the east coast NEED police officers?


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  • What states/departments on the east coast NEED police officers?

    Hey, I'm a single mom from New York and I decided that the economy being what it is and the fact that I have a son to take care of on my own, I should try a job in law enforcement.

    I'd love to join the NYPD but as you can tell from the gigantic threads about NYPD my chances don't look good...at least not for 2009. I'd rather do this sooner then later and I wouldn't mind joining a police department outside of new york. I could use the change of atmosphere anyway and everyone tells me NY isn't a good place to raise a kid any how.

    I put in an application for a police department in Pennsylvania but that department requires you to live on a campus, sort of like a boot camp. I wouldn't mind that but I don't want to leave my son with anyone for that long a time.

    I was going to put an appilication into the New Orleans police department but I think that's too far away. I looked up the plane tickets and to have to keep going and coming back to new york would be mighty expensive. Besides, while im excited about going to a new state i don't want to be too far away from NY. I'd get home sick

    So where else should I apply. The way I figure it police jobs are probably in demand right now, since im sure im not the only who's figured out that a job in law enforcement would be one of the most secure in trying times like ours.

    I know there's a lot of states close to new york or states where I have family, like Florida, where I'd love to put an application into. So please if you know of a department in need of police officers, where I'll have a good chance of getting in quick, let me know.

    Anywhere along the east coat is fine (Virgina, the Carolinas, Florida)
    And I would love to go to Illinois to because I've been to chicago a couple of times and loved it. But no place further then Illinois/Tennesse, because I think I'd be to far from NY.

    Any help would be great! THANKS!

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    A lot of the major cities in North Carolina are hiring right now such as the Raleigh and Greensboro PDs. In the last couple of weeks I have read several newspapers articles that talk about how the Raleigh PD is in desperate need of officers. I believe they are looking to hire 75+ officers in the next year, so you might want to check them out ASAP.

    Also, the Fayetteville PD is currently hiring and looking to recruit officers for its July or August 2009 basic academy.

    I hope this helps...


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      For jobs in Chicago metro area..



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        You just missed the filing for SUNY Police (University Police Officer 1)

        next exam should be in 2 to 4 years

        cake job, attend a regular/full police academy (for example if you were hired for suny farmingdale you'd attend either the suffolk county or nassau county academy) and they're always hiring


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          Florida needs them, I continually get job announcements from departments all over the state to post to my Recruits.
          Police Academy Commander
          Lead Firearms Instructor
          35+ years as a cop
          Becoming a Police Officer
          So you think you can do this job?

          I accept all private messages requesting help or advice, why else bother to be here?


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            Shawdow...Can you send me some via PM....I can't find $hit besides biggies like Orange and OPD, Tampa...blah blah...and of course South FL....I'm in Central FL
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              Take the walk in tests for the NYPD, it puts you into the mix and there is really no telling on these forums where/when/if you may get called for NYPD in 2009.....NOBODY KNOWS....is the most accurate answer.
              NYPDrecruit.com is the place to start the process, finding the testing spots, dates, times of the walk in tests.
              You wouldn't have to move, the Academy is not residential, and is not 24x5 hours per week like most State Police or Federal LE jobs.


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                Open Competitive Exams - Open to the Public

                Computerized Testing
                (Walk-in testing held daily)

                Title of Exam

                Exam No.

                Filing Fee




                Child Protective Specialist



                Correction Officer



                Police Officer


                No Fee

                Traffic Enforcement Agent



                Continuous Filing
                (Tests held several times a year)

                Title of Exam

                Exam No.

                Filing Fee

                Correction Officer



                Police Officer


                No Fee
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                  Hey thanks for the advice and department suggestions guys.

                  I printed out an application for one of the north Carolina departments and I'm going to apply to Washington D.C. too. I'm going to check out some of the other suggestions too.

                  I tried to go to the site with all the links to Illinois police departments but each and every Illinois ad I visted said I had to walk in and take an application. Some even said I had to attend a seminar and I'm in no position to do that.

                  I am going to take the NYPD walk in test, hopefully next monday. Really, I'm either going to get hired by NYPD or go for the PAPD if they want me. I know the 6 months boot camp is going to be murder and I'm not sure i will beable to find a relative who will watch my son for that long but I haven't even asked yet, so it might not be out of the question.

                  Plus living on campus might be a good thing since I'd get a chance to get adjusted to Pennsylvania, also give me a chance to save up for an apartment when I'm done, that way when I bring my son with me everything will be set for him.

                  It would be great if I can stay in NY, but chances just don't look good and everyday I'm hearing more bad news about how wacky the NYPD is going. Pennsylvania isn't that far away, about 20 dollars round trip bus fare, and while their police department pays a little less apartments over there are like half the price they are in NY.

                  No, i wouldn't say being a police officer is my calling, I think I know what my calling is, but I have always been facinated by law enforcement. Yes, being a single mom, NY would be ideal since I think I'd only have to be a beat cop for 2 years then I can get a job in many other sectors (I was thinking K-9 unit or somewhere where I can help people after they are arrested) but like I said NYPD seems to have gone kind of haywire.

                  I have taken the test for court officer, corrections, sanitation (application, i can't remember if there was a test), It's been about 4 years now and they sent me a letter for court officer saying I passed the test adn asking me what location I wanted to work in, but I haven't heard back from them since. I did take the NYPD test 4 years ago but my test is up this june. It sucks I didn't join sooner but i needed those college credits anyway and that's what I've been busy getting.

                  I'd like to do Washington D.C. too even though my moms scared because she heard there was a lot of crime down there (like there isn't in NY?). But they seem to pay the best so far and seemed to be trying to encourage women to join.


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                    Originally posted by jb5722
                    I would rather not be a police officer than work for New Orleans PD based on the things I have heard about that agency. I have heard that some narcotics schools wont allow officers from NOPD to attend and that many federal agencies will not work with them because they are so corrupt, or rather corruption is so rampant in the department. I would suggest you find another agency to apply to, I believe jefferson parish is in that area and is held in high regard. If you are looking at the carolina's Raleigh has 76 openings right now and Durham PD has 36. If you are in top physical shape I would suggest applying to a State Police of Highway Patrol agency, however if a residential or paramilitary style academy is not acceptable to you, I would think that will significantly limit your choices. good luck to you.
                    I know New Orleans (as well as the rest of Louisiana) has been in trouble since hurricane Katrina. I figured if I was going to be a police officer I may as well go somewhere where they are really needed.

                    But they make it to difficult to get there and get hired. NY encourages people from out of state to apply by helping them find apartments and roommates and i think they even give bonus money to people from out of state (so i've heard). Pennsylvania is making it easier on me because they're application is online and they are offering the PAPD test here in NY. So I really don't have anything to worry about until i hear that i passed the test then i can simply go back and forth by bus to complete the other parts of the hiring process.

                    I pretty much gave up on New Orleans because I wouldn't want to take a plane down there just to take the test and then have to go back for each part of the hiring process. To hear that they are corrupt makes it worst. I'd be all alone and far from home so I'd have to feel safe in the department I'm working for since I'd depend on my job for everything for a while.


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                      PG County MD is worse than NYC

                      NYC 2007 homicides - 494 (homicides per person: .000059)
                      PG County 2007 homicides - 144 (homicides per person: .00017)


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                        Not too sure where you are getting your informtion about NYPD..."things are crazy there"...

                        The NYPD is going thru the same as most departments, they are struggling with budget demands put upon them by local politicians (Mayor in this case) to lower their budget for next fiscal year.
                        NYPD has taken a look at their current manpower and current retirement percentages and determined that since retirement qualified Police Officers are STAYING IN the NYPD at a greater percentage than previous years, they have fewer openings in the 36,000 member department.
                        Furthermore, with the negotiated salary/benefits increases in the last two contracts they have more recruits staying in the Academy than previous classes. 1,100 approx will graduate Dec 30th, which is an approximate 200 more than the previous two classes.
                        In particular the salary increases have led to a huge number of persons, like yourself, that have previously taken the opening testing to call and ask for their case work to be re-instated.
                        So a class has been cancelled/postponed till July/2009 at this time. NO determination has been made as to the size of that tentative class, various rumors have it between 2,500 and 500 depending on the rumor you happen to read one day or another.


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                          Originally posted by a cashew View Post
                          You just missed the filing for SUNY Police (University Police Officer 1)

                          next exam should be in 2 to 4 years

                          cake job, attend a regular/full police academy (for example if you were hired for suny farmingdale you'd attend either the suffolk county or nassau county academy) and they're always hiring
                          When was this available? It was my understanding that the exam is tentatively scheduled for Fall 2009 according to NYS Civil Service.


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                            Hey guys, thank you SO much for all the information.

                            This has been a big help and now I have a lot more to think about.

                            I will apply for the MD police department, they do seem to make it very easy for out of staters and if it is a high crime area...well...all that means is that they need me more.

                            I wanted to apply for the Philidelphia police department in PA but they said they weren't hiring now. It does pay more then the department I applied for. But I'm sure there must be other places in PA that need cops but won't make me go to the boot camp.

                            So I'm just going to put in applications to some states on the coat but I won't stretch myself too thin. I guess it won't kill me to wait for NYPD to call, even though it might take over a year. But I wouldn't mind getting aquainted with a new state...as long as it isn't too far from NY.

                            But thanks again for all the info!


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                              Originally posted by Up_On_Base
                              PA State starts at 50K, more than NYPD.
                              Also, the training is 27 weeks residential and not everyone goes home on the weekends, very para-military.

                              Special units like k-9/swat/etc are hard to get in any department. They will usually go to top performers and go getters. Be prepared to work hard if you want out of patrol. That being said Patrol is the backbone of any large department.

                              DC Metro (MPDC) and Baltimore City both need bodies and good people. The hiring process is quick but like any major city there is violence and few respect the Police. Not sure where in NY you live but anything outside manhattan is not great, I worked in BX and Harlem...not great areas IMO,

                              Also, easy access back/forth to NYC via car/bus/train.

                              Best of luck.
                              I live in queens and I know there's a lot of crimes around here. I lived most of my life in brooklyn though.

                              People say they don't respect cops, but then again when NY cut the police officers pay it seemed like a lot of non-cops were upset. They may not respect cops but they do feel strongly that they deserve much better pay then what they get.


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