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  • Rejection letter..

    Edited- I talked to the BI and he explained it..
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    It means nothing. I recently applied for a Federal police department and got the same letter stating that I "did not meet minimum qualifications requirements for GS 5/7 levels". Funny thing is I have a graduate degree, 2 years FLE experience, 6 years physical security experience, and I'm currently a GL-7. And to top it off, I'd lose my 12d retirement if I were to take the police job. They can keep it.

    Try and try again.


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      A female friend of mine and I both applied for a certain police department and we both exceeded their requirements(good record,30 hours of college credit,etc). We're both young,in shape and with degrees(I have a BA and she has an MA). We both passed their joke of a written and fitness tests and we both passed the polygraph. Right before the final step we both received the thin "You are not qualified" letter. We still laugh about this letter to this day.

      So anyhow,supposedly they turned us down because the department wanted to save money and they tossed out anyone who would've had to attend the academy and instead hired current LEOs. I understand that sometimes a department or agency has to save money but put "current LEOs only" in the announcement before you waste everyones time. Geez.

      Good luck bro,just keep applying...
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        I've been rejected from CIA Police. It hurts less and less as you get rejected more and more. Hang in there we've all got 'em'.
        The post above does not constitute legal advice, nor should be construed as such. These are the private opinions of a private citizen and do not represent the opinion nor official capacity of any law enforcement agency.


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          I too have had my C.O.E. rescinded by the CIA Police (Security Protective Officer) position, with no reason(s) why; just being urged to reapply in a year. But I'm on the fence about taking legal actions. It really hurts a little more when you're a retired law enforcement officer and get rejected.


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