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    I applied for LAPD back in 07 and after passing most of the tests (written, physical, oral, polygraph, medical/written psy) I was DQ for a "fix it" pretty much I had to wait a year or so for a driving ticket to fall off my record so I would be under the standards for the driving record, It should have been caught at the start of my testing but it wasn't for some reason and I went all the way through. During the waiting period I applied to LASD and was DQ during the polygraph, I took it 3 times with them, first one failed, 2nd two were inconclusive. My question is how will failing the polygraph for LASD affect me if I decided to reapply for LAPD in a few months? From what I have been told I would not have to retake the polygraph and oral interview because once I pass those I have passed them for life, also I was told that besides my driving record my background looked great.

    Thank you.
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    LAPD will require you to update your file. That's where you'd list the Polygraph failure(s) with LASD. LAPD will administer another Polygraph, and that's the one they'll go with. While we're talking, let me suggest you go to www.policebackground.net . This is a website with forums, dedicated to helping those involved in the LAPD process. I believe you'll find it both helpful and informative.


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