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    I am in the process of going through the steps to become a law enforcement officer in Michigan and am looking for any tips or any inside advice I can find from officers on this forum.

    At 33 I am a late arrival. Though I indended to pursue becoming a police officer after high school, I changed paths during college and went into the automotive industry, like most of my family, after being tempted by great salaries and an easy way in because I knew people...based on the current state of the industry I don't have to say how that ended (Layoff) I have since been working in retail LP but it is not what I truly want and I have decided to pick up where I left off. Luckily I have stayed in shape!

    I have scheduled my civil service exam for the state (October) and will be taking my MCOLES reading/writing exam on the 13th of this month. I also have a 4 year Bachelors degree, although it is in business communications, not CJ. Unfortunately I have not been through an academy and am looking at departments that will either put me through (state) or find a department that may conditionally hire if I put myself through...a long shot I know. I just can't afford to stop working and pay for an academy without some kind of back-up plan.

    I'm looking for people to see what they did or are doing, especially in Michigan. I have done a lot of research and know I am limited in the state, but would like to exhaust my options here before looking elsewhere. Sorry for the long bio, I figured it would help to see who is in a similar spot. Thanks so much for the help!


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    How would you feel about relocating to the Northern or Southern borders? Border Patrol is hiring, and has been hiring. Its a very respectable salary.

    Oh yeah... You will get paid at the Border Patrol Academy. You will receive your base salary.


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      As far as federal law enforcement goes, most agencies do NOT require that you have a CJ degree or LE experience. They only require a college degree & 3 years of full-time work experience. Most agencies just want to see that you are a responsible person. They'll teach you everything you know about performing the job while you're in the academy.

      As for local LE, I'd try to go the state police or state LE agency. You won't get stuck in one place for the rest of your life - unless you want to be in one place for the rest of your life. Larger departments are most likely to hire you without experience. 1) They probably need the bodies, and 2) they have the money to send you to an academy. Smaller suburban departments usually pay better, but they generally pick from experienced officers looking to leave the big departments to make better pay / have a better quality of life.

      Hope this helps you out. Good luck to you.
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        I have been a cop in MI for 9 years. I am currently working overseas on a one year contract. Right now it is very hard to get hired on as a cop anywhere in MI. Here is why. There have been a number of experienced and certified officers layed off across the state, that means that they are applying for any opening that comes along. Plus there are several colleges across that state that run academies, so every year there are hundreds of newly certifiable graduates who also apply for just about every job that comes along. It is not uncommon for an agency to get hundreds of certifed/certifiable applicants for a single job. That is why most departments no longer hire non-certified people. Why spend the money to train and certify a recruit, when there are hundreds of certified candidates to choose from?
        I only know of Detroit and MSP that will hire non-certified. I worked for DPD from 99-2000. Trust me, that is a last resort, I went there to get certified, I then left as soon as a better job came around. Your best bet is to put yourself through an academy. Several community colleges like GRCC, etc... have academies that are part time, and allow you to continue working. Or you should look out of state, CA, TX, NV, southern states, NY, etc... These states frequently hire non-certified and will pay them to complete an academy. I had to resign from my last PD to accept the overseas job. So as soom as I return, and once my house sells, I am moving my family out of state. And I have a 4 year degree and 9 years certified police experience in MI. And I think I would have a difficult time finding a full time job in MI. Good luck to you.
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          Many of my LEO buddies have told me the same, along with the DPD option. Well, I am hoping I can get in with the state (I'm hoping they put on a school in 09) or find a way to get myself through a local academy. At this point my wife doesn't want to leave the state due to family reasons. I will exhaust every option before looking elsewhere but it does not look promising...

          Thanks for the reply and good luck to you as well.



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