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career in LE or stay a reserve


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  • career in LE or stay a reserve

    I posted this in another tread but i'll try this board to get a few more results hopefully

    Im 36 and i graduated from a LE program in Mn passed my post exam and ready to go. The cop jobs in Mn are very competive so its been a struggle over the last year. I started working security at a hospital that acually pays well and good benefits ($15-$20/hr it also has the same pay structure as LE double time on holidays with double time and a half in certain situations and endless amounts of goodlooking nurses.We also carry tasers and batons and rumble often with drunks and psych's. Im also a reserve on my local pd for 5 yrs now which i love doing, were very busy with lots of war stories for the reserves.
    IM now just wondering if i should continue my pursuit in LE and deal with stress and all the responsibilities and all the other issues that come with being in LE.
    I really love being a reserve and with my security gig at the hosptial its like best of both worlds kinda thing. The thing that bothers me is that I spent alot of money and put alot of work to make it through school and all the tactical training only to work in security? I wonder if im just settling or limiting myself?

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    If your passion is to become a police officer and you have went through all of the training already then why sell yourself short? Unless you are truly happy w/your current situation, I would keep pushing towards your initial goal.

    Ultimately you need to ask yourself how you will feel 20 years from now when you look back on your decision. If you will be perfectly happy with the choice of staying as a security guard/reserve, then by all means stay there. But if you think you would regret not becoming an officer, then try to become an officer.

    Do what will make you happiest. There is not such thing as "settling for less" if that "lesser" of a thing makes you happy. But if it doesn't then don't "settle".
    Best of luck to you and I hope everything works out for you where ever you may go.

    - Godspeed
    "We have nothing to fear but fear itself"


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