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    I have my first oral boards coming up, so I am assuming its probably a good idea to bring a resume. Im trying to update to and make it specifically for a LE job. Im trying to think of how to phrase my qualifications part, about why I personally would be a good candidate. This is what I have come up with (rough idea) and would like any tips on how better to phrase it, etc. Or if its overdoing it..

    I am a highly motivated individual who holds the needs of law enforcement in the highest regards. I possess a strong work ethic and always strive to better myself. I embody the core values of the department; above all, I value integrity and ethics...


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    I think it sounds too generic. You need stronger words and need to specifically state the skills you possess (i.e., interpersonal communication skills, leadership ability, organizational/time management skills, etc). Basically, you need something to set you apart from other applicants, something that will make them remember your name.

    Answer these questions in your summary of qualifications:

    1) How do you strive to better yourself?

    2) How do you embody the core values of the department?


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      You can try but you may wind up embarrassing yourself.

      In most California civil service agencies, your oral score is limited to how many correct answers you give to the same exact questions asked of all applicants. Those questions are designed to measure your knowledge of and ability to perform the job you are testing for. The reason is simple fairness. There are so many variables in life that it is impossible to determine ahead of time how you might weigh and score every different possible life and work experience. For example, how many extra points do you give an applicant because they speak Croatian, have served in the Rangers, possess a doctorate in microbiology, worked as a supervisor, or have an EMT certificate? Besides being admirable traits, do these qualities even have a valid enough relationship to law enforcement to warrant the awarding of extra points?

      Because it is impossible to objectively assign a job related value to such things, the oral panels of every agency I worked for would refuse to look an applicant's resume, certificates, commendations, letters of reference or anything else they presented, because being positively influenced by them gave the applicant an unfair advantage over the others who were graded on their test answers alone. Were points to be awarded on these other, indefinable factors, the entire testing process could be invalidated as having been discriminatory and unfairly biased. Before you do anything, look at the exam announcement for the position you are seeking. It should tell you about the oral, what it will cover and how points will be awarded. Let ot be your guide. If nothing else, call ahead of time and ask if a resume will be accepted by the panel.

      Nonetheless, if it will make you feel better to have a resume in hand, just remember to keep your wording positive and creative without lying.

      Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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        Thought I would just come prepared, but thanks as always L-1 for reminding me all the effort im putting into the little things is for naught


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