Sorry about the repost but I was hoping I could perhaps get a response here.

I currently am a senior at Middle Tennessee State University. I am an Aerospace Professional Pilot major and a Criminal Justice minor. I have all of my pilot ratings which include multi engine aircraft.

I have wanted to become a police officer for quite some time and I am now at an age where it can happen. I would like nothing better than to make a differrence in peoples' lives and do this as a profession. My overall goal is to fly helicopters for Nashville Police Department.

I was told by a good friend of mine that is a Metro officer that I should wait a few months before sending in my application. He said that some departments don't like waiting a year before an individual can start training. Should I send in my application anyways?

I have me heart set on this department and I want to fly, but what would be the chances of them having me fly for them after I do a few years as a patrol officer?

Making a difference in peoples' lives is something I want to do and I hope that I can accomplish this.

Sorry about the long post or some open ended questions but I just want to have the best chance possible making this department and advancing later on.