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  • Mobile Command Center

    About a year ago I was given the task of building a Mobile Command Center. It started off as just another motor home with a radio or two in it, and has now turned into a dispatch center with 13 radios and a JPS switch to tie them together.

    Working out the logistics of the radio room layout and figuring out what is needed in this kind of vehicle has been interesting. I'm still working out wireless internet options (we've had good luck so far). We also have a 800' Cat3 cable to extend phone lines from inside a building.

    So far we've used it for special events (fairs, etc), was on stand-by while our dispatch center was moved, and served as the local PD overnight while it was evacuated because of CO (that's Carbon Monoxide, not Commanding Officers) in the building.

    The only research I've done is look at a few military equivilants and I took a tour of one of NYPDs while I was in the city.

    I'm still working on documentation (20 pages so far) and don't have a lot of pictures yet. I'd like to trade comments with others that have done the same thing, "on a budget". Our whole package is about $100,000, $45 or so for the chassis, $20K for the JPS switch, and the rest in wiring, radios, etc. There was no money spent directly on labor.
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    If you would like additional ideas, you can go to and look at some of the mobile command centers they have configured. Edge Access is located in FL, and my company works with them. They build and program pretty much anything you could need for a communications trailer as far as crossbanding equipment goes.

    We are located in NW Arkansas and we work with law enforcement/fire/rescue etc. helping with their communications needs. Our specialty is in satellite-based communications, be it voice or data.

    I would be interested in seeing pictures of your finished product.

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