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  • trunking

    hi all,

    My county is looking at upgrading its radio system to a trunking system in 2-3 years, specifically 400mhz trunking. Anybody have any thoughts on this? I've heard trunking has had problems in the past, but not being very radio savy, I'm not sure what the problems are.

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    Hum i work for a motorola shop and u will like the trunking style there are a few problems per say but ur scanner land people unless they want to spend the money will not be able to hear most of what is said trunking is a lot busyer system so sometimes getting to get ur call through will be hard but depends on the number of people useing the system but going from an ltr to trunking u guys will love it sounds better and easyer to understand people but like i said it has a few problems but the advantages way out number the bad
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      What type of modulation.... FDM, FDM, PAM, Quad..what, what ???

      Hell it might be analog...which is cool, just say'in.....
      Ya gunna use exsisting repeaters....?
      done a F.S. survey....?

      Gotta' know...

      P.M. me if ya wanna....
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        I have never heard of issues with trunking, but i believe when implemented very it offers services very well, though there are several problem associated with trunking it best recognized than other frequencies.
        Usually it jams the line but you can solve this issue by assigning a protocol that enable many users at large.
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