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Iphone vs. Blackberry


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  • Iphone vs. Blackberry

    My agency currently provides Blackberries, mainly because of the push to talk function. Most of the officers in the unit (it's a surveillance unit, so no routine patrol stuff) dislike the Blackberry and were looking into upgrading to Iphones. Mainly because of the ease of use and the updated technology. I'd be curious to hear if other officers can see any benefits in using Iphones. And if so, what might they be? Here's a few benefits I thought of...
    - Iphone is easier to use, allows you to look up info quicker.
    - With google maps you can view satellite images, views of fronts of residences and backyards and even rotate around. All of this can be viewed while in the field. This is especially handy when planning out search warrant operations.
    - If you do not have your normal camera on you (for evidence, etc), Iphones take better pictures than Blackberries. You can take photos of victims, suspects, etc.
    - It is easier to share information, apps, data, locations, etc with Iphones.
    - Blackberries are extremely cumbersome to navigate. Iphones are the opposite.
    - Limitless apps, some that can assist with suspect identification.
    - easier to take notes (or dicatate) with Iphone.
    - I believe there are GPS apps that you can turn on and everyone can see where the other team members are at. This would be helpful in large surveillance ops where team members are spread out. I believe this improves officer safety.

    I don't know if the approving board would be willing to shell out money for new phones when we already have working phones with the Blackberries. That's why I thought I would throw this out there. Anything else you can think of? Or if you think Blackberries are better, please let me know why. I'm just trying to figure out what is the best option for my unit. Thanks.

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    Iphone Vs. Blackberry

    A few things first:

    -Are you limited to your current network? If so, which one is it?

    -How important is the Push To Talk Function?

    -Are you willing to give ANY consideration to Android devices?

    -How important is a device that is rugged and/or waterproof?


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      Our network is Verizon and they won't change that. I know AT&T just came out with a PTT function for iPhones. But that doesn't do us any good on Verizon. We do occasionally use the group PTT one, but only when we are spread out and outside of radio range. And that's rare. Most of us would be willing to live without PTT. Haven't really considered android. Not sure why. And the rugged or waterproof factor doesn't really matter.


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        Android devices could create a training issue unless everybody has the exact same phone, so if you go that route make sure not to let people pick-and-choose which device they want.

        Every iPhone is pretty much identical. But with Android the manufacturers have freedom, and they use it. So if you tell someone exactly how to do something on your phone, it might be totally different on their phone even though they are both considered Android devices.

        Do you guys have e-mail on your phones? From an IT perspective it is 10x more work (and infinitely more expensive) to administer the BlackBerry e-mail versus iPhone/Android.


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          If you are hot for the PTT function they have apps for that on the iPhone
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            I prefer iPhone.


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              blackberry phones are actually obsolete now, the reason is that they are not up to the mark as compared with iPhone, there are no wide variety of applications in their app store, Whatsapp, Instagram, snapchat doesn't work on it.


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