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Who knows something about AutoWitness?


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  • Who knows something about AutoWitness?

    I'm going to do some more Googling about it, but it doesn't seem like much has been published about AutoWitness since 2011 or so. I think the research paper won an award from the Association for Computing Machinery in Zurich back in 2010, which is the origin of the headline linked at the end of this post. Maybe if somebody from Memphis PD or University of Memphis Police Services reads this, they could chime in. I read that Jackson PD also was interested in trying it.

    I just read about it last week while paging through some back issues of an LE magazine. Somehow I missed the info when I first got that issue of the magazine (December 2010 ), because I think the technology described there would have really gotten my attention. In a nutshell, it's a low-cost, low battery-consumption wireless tracking device.
    It's designed to discriminate between simple (innocent) movement of an item to which it's attached, and theft of the item. It's also set up to avoid alerting a thief who might be using a "bug detector" to find out if items have tracking devices before making off with said items.

    I'm trying to make contact with the developers of AutoWitness to see if theu're still working on it and if they might have an idea when it would be commercially available. (Or if they're looking for volunteer field testers to really try out the technology. )

    FMI: Kumar's anti-theft sensor steals the show
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