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  • ethernet over coax

    I'm a computer and electronic technician. I mostly work fixing computers and network computers...Sometimes I do analog video camera installation for my landlord...I have installed at least 24 analog cameras on three different buildings....I know from my landlord that he bought these cameras very cheap and he does not like them anymore...He's heard about these new technology called Ip video cameras over coax...He thinks that by switching from analog transmission to digital transmission he would eventually be able to watch his buildings on the internet. So he asked me if I could install this new ip video camera system...I do understand some of the terms I have found about this new technology but I still have some questions like "Am I gonna be able to use the same cabling ?, Am I gonna be able to power them when the cable run is very long?, Am I gonna need any software to configure ip addresses for the new digital cameras ?.....Oh well....I'm sure I will come accross some trouble....but for right now, I would love to get some feedback on some companies that offer this kind of technology.....Any suggestions....

    Thank you much...

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    Go to and do some research first. Yes you can view IP cams online if you set it up properly. you will need different cables. it is a very different system. cables will be limited to 290 feet and or wi-fi range depending on the cameras. the amount of cameras depend on the setup/ software.

    Coaxial cable is different than CAT5e (ethernet) cable. Today, coaxial cable is used as a data transporter from your internet provider. Some companies have switched to optical cable. Regardless of the cable, ethernet is more for in house/building network rather than coaxial cable. If you have a fry's near you go there and research.

    good luck.

    BTW this probably isn't the best place to ask those questions around here. Then again I could be wrong...


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      I've been doing some research since my last posting and I have found a lot of info on the internet regarding ip video cameras...I came accross a website nitekdotnet where I basically found the answers to all my questions. They have a product called etherstrech which is suppose to be very easy to install, do not need any setup at all, do not need ip addresses or network configurations, and best of all it forced POE power onto the coax....

      I am still in the process of learning about this product, I do not know yet how much it would cost...

      I picked this forum based on SECURITY more than TECHNOLOGY....And I do agree, there are other forums on the internet more related to ip video camera technology...For right now, I like the fact that I'm getting a little bit more informed about how to install these systems....

      I'll keep researching and I'll keep posting...

      Good luck to you too....Thank you


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        Ubiquiti airVision, you really can't go wrong with it. That's based on what you've said so far.

        Bit of advise. Never let the client pick the system. Find out what they expect from the system and then do it all yourself. Takes away a lot of headaches. Especially when they blame you for their bad decision.
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          Hi jchacho....Yes, there are several different systems on the market today that allow Ethernet over coax(EOC). The one that Iam familiar with is the Etherstretch product from Nitek. I recently used it on a job and found it relatively easy to install. I chose it for a few reasons. First It required no setup. By that I mean I did not have to install any IP addresses or do any network configuration. That seems to be true with most of the units out there. Although several do require setting up switches are pushing buttons to establish communication, the Nitek did not. Also of interest to me was that most of the systems forced POE power onto the coax. This is not in keeping with the IEEE802.3 standard. I am aware of some cameras such as the panasonic outdoor domes which do not like POE power which is non-standards compliant. The model I used for my job was the EL1500C. here is a link to that unit.

          I only needed to install for cameras over existing coax and that is why chose the single camera set. They do have some larger systems which actually includes a built-in layer 2 switch. I am not sure if anyone else here on the board tried one of their switches and maybe they can better comment on that product. I hope this is of some help to you. Please let us know your job works out.

          Thank you again...techno76


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