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Anyone else using the Motorola ML910 laptop? Battery issues?

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  • Anyone else using the Motorola ML910 laptop? Battery issues?

    Our agency has been using the Motorola ML910 series mobile latop for several years now installed on Gamber Johnson docking stands. The laptops work great except that internal batteries on every single one is bad. When you disconnect the AC power adaptor to the computer it immediately shuts off like there isnt even a battery installed. The same goes for when they are mounted to the stand and the power is cut off to the stand it immediately shuts off.

    Just wondering if any other agency has the same problems with this model. I was betting that the laptop battery was fried since it was continously getting charged up over and over again by AC power when the docking station was on and powering.
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    Just so you know, battery's are consumable items in a laptop. Expect to replace them every 2-3 years.
    Also leaving a laptop plugged in constantly will shorten its battery life by 50%-75%.
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