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Anyone Use a Motorola Admiral for Work?


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  • Anyone Use a Motorola Admiral for Work?

    I have the opportunity to upgrade from a Blackberry 8350i to a Motorola Admiral.

    I don't really care about all the fancy droid stuff, internet, apps, etc. My main concerns are using the phone itself, direct connect, dept. email, and the calendar, all which I heavily use. Everything after that drops off to next to nothing.

    The most appealing thing to me about the Admiral is it is a Sprint/Nextel hybrid (Sprint cell service, Nextel direct connect), where the 8350i is Nextel/Nextel. Since Nextel's cell service sucks and seems to be getting worse, the Admiral might be the answer for me.

    If anyone has an Admiral I would appreciate your comments. There are certainly general review sites for them, and I've seen mixed reviews, but haven't heard from anyone who may have used them in an LE capacity. Thanks.

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    Anyone Use A Motorola Admiral For Work?

    What did you decide? I was looking at the Sprint webpage and it looks like the Motorola Admiral and Titanium are similar, but the Titanium has Nextel Direct Connect and the Admiral has Sprint Direct Connect.


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      We issued admirals to sgt and above and I've had mine about 5 months. The sprint direct connect sucked at first but sprint blamed it on towers needing upgrades. They have been working on the network and the direct connect is getting more reliable. Overall it serves my purposes well enough that I dumped my personal smart phone and just use a small flip phone for personal calls. We use an unlimited 3g data plan.
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