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Pockjet 3 Plus BT in Patrol Cars


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  • Pockjet 3 Plus BT in Patrol Cars

    we have 300+ Pocketjet 3 Plus BT printers in our patrol cars. We do not have take home cars so the same patrol car may be shared by 1st and 3rd shift. The laptop stays in the car pretty much all the time in the dock unless it has an issue which does happen. We use Panasonic Toughbook CF-30's. We're trying to get the setup correct so we can move one laptop out of the vehicle and put another one that has the same printer driver already on it and have it work with the printer without any further setup by the officer. However, we invariably get the "Found New Hardware" wizard to pop up. Brother has sent us the "Disable Serial Number" executable that they indicate will solve our issue but evidently we are not following the correct steps. We install the printer, run the Disable Serial Number command which the printer accepts and then the PJ3Plus BT Config file which is sent to the printer and it accepts. We then put another computer in the dock that has been through the same setup but it still gets the "Found New Hardware" wizard. Anyone else had this issue and solved it?

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    We have the pocket jets also. I have had some issues with the "new hardware found" then it advises it doesn't recognize. It's a pia. Very frustrating. I have a friend that actually put a normal printer in his car and it works fine. I am thinking about doing that. I called Brother several times and all they do is actually walk you thru their "trouble shooting" guides and aren't much help. Good luck.
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      The way you could stop this is to, assuming that this is USB, do the following:

      Take one laptop and install the drivers for each TYPE of printer.
      Plug one of each type of printer into every USB port on the system and let it go through its new hardware fits.
      Once done use Ghost, cloanzilla or Acronis to create an image of that system and deploy that image onto the other systems.
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