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  • Impressive Real-Time CAD info via www

    I'm very impressed by the website that the Orange County (CA) Sheriff's Department has put together.

    While the front page type stuff doesn't change often (there is a link to the POST standardized PHQ so that potential applicants can see what they will be asked about their past history), the magic of the site comes in its real time jail population and crime call (with arrest info links) information.

    Go to www.ocsd.org. On the left hand side there is a tab for "E-Services." Go to the sub-tab under that, it is labeled "Sheriff's Blotter."

    When the page for the blotter comes up, go to the field at the center top of the page, open up the menu to pick a city. Then click GO.

    You can see the actual CAD inputed information, and if there is an arrest, you can link to the arrestees info too.

    Up until a few months ago it, and the other e-services (such as daily arrest log) used to have the charge information too, but some jail inmate had a girlfriend or family member look up his cell-mate, learned he was in for an unpopular charge, and then the guy was beaten to death.

    They quickly took away the charge information, but they make it clear that it is public information and you can call to obtain it.

    Post back here and tell me if you agree about the amazing features they have on their site.

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    You can also find Newport Beach PDs CAD at:


    along with CHPs CAD (statewide) at: http://cad.chp.ca.gov/
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      I like the CHP with the notes to the call that are visible.


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