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  • Adam 12 Fan?

    If so, check out:


    The site is operated by a retired officer from Michigan named Mike. It has alot of pictures and information from the series itself, as well as info on the LAPD in general in the 60's and 70's.

    I will readily admit to being a big fan of the show, and to the influence it had on my career path and my attitudes in general towards my career.

    Mike has restored a 1969 Plymouth Belvedere to LAPD specs, and offers a section for others who have done the same to showcase their cars. There is also a forum attached to the site.

    I would encourage anyone with an interest in the show to check the site out...
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    Cool, thanks


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      Thank you for the post Sir! I remember watching this with my grandfather coming up. Brings good memories back!!
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        Originally posted by jhall View Post
        Thank you for the post Sir! I remember watching this with my grandfather coming up. Brings good memories back!!

        PT!!!! Who do you think you are joining? There are two groups of agents at FLETC. The ones pulling Gators down the road with instructors yelling at them are U.S. Marshals. The ones hanging out on the balcony drinking beer and laughing at the U.S. Marshals are us (and most of the other agencies).-jb74


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          I am actually watching it right now. Antenna TV (465 verizon, 11.4 non-cable at least in nyc) has it on Saurdays 8-9pm followed by Dragnet from 9-10pm.
          850.0 hours and counting.

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            Pete Malloy was one of the major reasons I became a cop

            And that's a fact


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              Adam 12 Fan?

              Originally posted by NYC Lifeguard View Post
              I am actually watching it right now. Antenna TV (465 Verizon, 11.4 non-cable at least in NYC) has it on Saturdays 8-9pm followed by Dragnet from 9-10pm.
              I am 51 years old, so I remember a bunch of those classic series. With the recent passing of Harry Morgan, who most people probably associate with MASH rather than the older Dragnet, made me think of Dragnet recently. I have watched some of the old Dragnets in the last few years and I remembered thinking at the time that although the episode(s) I was watching was over 40 years old, they still pointed out some pretty good stuff, even by today's standards. The one episode was about arson and I recall Jack Webb talking about cause and origin as well as what motivates people to commit arson. So, yeah, despite being dated, a lot of what they dealt with was all that different from what we do now. Sure, high tech, DNA, cell phones, all of that has changed, but the bottom line really hasn't changed all that much.


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                I remember one episode where one of the guys(Malloy?) wife was in labor and he had a roll of dimes so he could call the hospital every chance he had.

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