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The crafty old man


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  • The crafty old man

    A 70-year old man walks into a brothel and requests a female friend to lay with.

    A prostitute comes up to him and says "Pshhh. For you it's going to be $40"

    The elderly man pays the woman and they go to a private room, where they have incredibly hot sex.

    The prostitute, stunned, says "Wow! That was incredible! I will give you your $40 back if you can do that again!"

    The man says "Sure, no problem. Just keep both of your hands on my member while I take a 15 minute nap. When I wake up, I will be ready to pleasure you".

    The prostitute does as she was told. 15 minutes later, they once again have an amazing session. Afterwards, she says "Oh my! That needs to happen one more time! Can you do this once more?"

    The old man says, "Sure, no problem. Just keep both of your hands on my member while I take a 15 minute nap/ When I wake up, I will pleasure you once more."

    When 15 minutes have elapsed, he pleasures her once more in another incredible session.

    Before the two part ways, the prostitute says, "You are an incredible lover. What is your secret?"

    The man says "I guess I just have a gift"

    The prostitute says, "Then why did you ask me to hold your member while you were taking a nap?"

    He said, "Because last time I let your hands wander, you made off with my keys and my wallet. I had to do something to keep you occupied!"


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