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    Officer Smith was directed by his Chief to allow this new, young, hot-shot defense attorney a tour of the police station. Smith was disgruntled by this request but of course he followed his orders. The attorney arrived at the front door and was buzzed through and entered the police station. He was greeted by Officer Smith on the other side of the door. The bright eyed, big smiled lawyer said "Shall we begin?" Smith showed the attorney around the headquarters. He first showed him the roll call room. They moved onto where dispatchers worked. The attorney did not seem to impressed at all the computer screens and electronic equipment. Smith showed him inside his police car. Again not so impressed. The tour lasted for about 45 minutes. They exchanged conversation back and forth but Officer Smith was really growing tired of hanging out with this attorney. The final spot left to show this attorney was the locker room. When they entered the attorney's eyes lit up like a child on Christmas Day.

    "I am going to have to remember this room" the attorney said.

    Smith puzzled by this comment said "Really? Why?"

    "Look at all these lockers in here. There must be about 50 or so and each of them have padlocks on them." The attorney turns and looks at Officer Smith and says arrogantly "Tell me Officer Smith, why are you so afraid that one of your fellow officers is going to steal something out of your locker you must put a padlock on it? I guess you don't trust the guys you work with huh?"

    Officer Smith looks right into the attorneys eyes and says "You got this all wrong. We trust each other here at the pd with our life. The reason for the padlocks on all of our lockers is because the guys all know that lawyers sometimes like to takes tours of this place and that is the reason for the padlocks"

    The usual fast witted lawyer had nothing to say.
    Yeah whatever!!!! Tell it to the judge!!!!

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