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Deputy and the lawyer


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  • Deputy and the lawyer

    A deputy sees a car yeild at a stop sign and pulls it over. The deputy walks up to the car and says, "Sir license and registraion please". The man in the car was an attorney and felt he was smarter than the deputy and knew he could get out of this ticket.

    layer: "Why am I boing pulled over?"

    Deputy: "Sir, you did not come to a complete stop at the stop sign. License and registration please"

    Lawyer: "Whats the difference, There was no car comming, and I slowed down"

    Deputy: "Sir, a stop sign means stop and a yeild sign means slow down, that is the difference"

    Lawyer: ( still feeling henis smarter) "OK ... If you can explain to me the difference, I will bow out, take the ticket, and leave... If not, I will get to go without a ticket."

    Deputy: "Ok sir, step out of the car, and again License and registraion PLEASE!"

    The lawyer exits the car, and hands him his license and regisration.

    The deputy takes out his night club starts smashing the heck out of the car and says do you want me to STOP or SLOW DOWN!!

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