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From my home town (eww...)


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  • From my home town (eww...)

    My city posts daily police reports, and this was on today's report. We just passed a new ordinance prohibiting dumpster diving in an effort to curtail ID theft.

    OR02202 - DUMPSTER DIVING - Officer were summoned early Monday morning (4:30 AM) to the area of 222 N. 1200 West on the report of a man hanging around the dumpster at the trailer court. They found the 22-year-old man riding his bike nearby. He told the officers that he wasn't sleepy and decided to ride his bicycle until he got tired. The officers noticed the man was wearing cargo pants and the pockets were bulging. When asked what he was carrying around, he admitted that it was items he'd picked up from the dumpster. The officers were obliged to ask him what was in his pockets. The man then pulled out five soiled, dirty, disposable diapers. Recoiling in disgust, the officers asked the man why in the world did he have those in his pockets. The man said, "I don't know." Even that seemed to be too much information for the officers, who sent the man packing with a recommendation that he find another dumpster along the way.........and this time make a deposit instead of a withdrawal.

    No, he wasn't cited under the new dumpster diving ordinance.......Somehow the officers just don't think dirty diapers were what the city council had in mind to protect when they passed the ordinance
    Started POST Sept. 6, 2005

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    tango3 , i see you are in orem, please can you tell me if you know anyone in provo police dept, i am trying to trace someone there and i'm not having any luck.


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