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  • Speeding

    This man buys this brand new hot sizzling bright red Corvette and decides to take it for a ride on the highway.Well, it turns out he went for the ride of his life cruising at about 70 felt good, then he is hitting about 100 miles an hour, Oh well he thought! Lets see what this car can do. He is doing about 190 miles and hour passes this cop car on the side of the road.The officer floors it and is on his bumper within seconds,But the man in the corvette opens her up doing about 260 almost to his limit.Before he got to his car's the limit, he thought what the heck am I doing? I don't want to end up in jail and blowing the engine, this car is a classic man.So he pulls over and the cop pulls up off side and walks up to his window and Say's.
    Sir! If you can come up with a good reason, why I shouldn't give you a ticket I will let it go this time.
    The man Say's ...Well, about six years ago my wife ran off with an officer and I thought he was bringing her back,so I was trying to get away as fast as I could.
    The officer just smug grind and had a laugh,cleared hid throat and said,
    Sir! you have a good day and be careful driving please,then he left.
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