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MORE PRANKS..the list goes on....


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  • MORE PRANKS..the list goes on....

    Here are some more I came up with....

    Post an ad in the classifieds saying your friend is selling everything in house..maybe even the house for super low prices and then post his phone number and see how many phone call he gets

    Get your friend a midget stripper for anything.....

    Call local regious groups and tell them your friend is having troubles and see how many of these groups come to his/her house and offering their 'devine' help....

    Get some limestone from a local a electric jack hammer...go your friends house....have fun with the jack hammer and the limestone in his front yard...

    Get a local garden shope to delivar a buch of dirt..gravel..and/or multch...and have them put in the middle of his driveway....

    If it is a guy and have an ex-girlfriend of his, call and say she is pregnent...

    Replace all of the beer in the house with Non-alcohlic beer like O'douls

    Sign your friend up for as many 'free'/trial magazine subscribtions as you can...if it is a guy...get him signed on to Vanity Fair, Glamour, and Home decor..ETC...and have them sent to his office...

    Put a sign in front of your friends house saying that he or she likes to be spanked and then put the persons cell phone number on there....

    Put your friends name and address on every political party and orginization in the country...

    Lock out all of the good channels on your friends TV and only leave channels like QVC, C-Span, and home shopping network...

    Re-wire your friend's car so that the car horn goes off anytime he uses the break pedal...

    rent a inflatible gorilla or other creature and put it in his front yard

    christmas lights in july...

    have I ever mentioned what can done with christmas tree tinssel?
    I think girls go after me for my Jeep

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