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    Alright for the pranks.....now the King of Pranks(me) has arrived...everyone will need to listen very carefully..

    Find 4 cinder blocks and put them under the axles/struts of his/her car or truck at night and then watch and see them start the car and try to make it to work on time...

    Move all of the furniture out of the rooms or just one...and set it up outside exactlly how it was inside. If you are really good you will even have electricty going to it for I.E..alarm clocks, lights, computer...

    Order 5 or more pizzas to the persons house or office in his or her name.

    Call some 1-900 numbers with his or her phone ...

    put the all of the batteries in the remote controls in backwards...most people will think they are dead and get new ones...

    disconnect a battery cable from the persons car.

    drink all of your buddies milk...then replace it with water and some flour

    Put 'The Club' on your buddy's car stearing wheel.

    Get your friends car towed from work...

    Fill your friends car with shreaded newspapers...or packing 'popcorn'...or if you are real even...a butch of Christmas tinssle...

    IF YOU HAVE TIME cover his office...everything walls, computer, desk, chair, pens....EVERYTHING..with Post-Its....or you can do the same to his car or house or room...

    Put your buddy's name on a local 'S&M bonage groups' mailing list.

    Get a porta-potty put in his front yard

    Put a HOUSE FOR SALE BY OWNER sign in his front yard along with a Open house toady....after a hard night of drinking.

    Did I mention that Chirstmas tinssel works miracles on decorating houses, cars, yards....anything...and it is so 'easy' to clean up...

    Invite a butch of people over to your friends house to have a huge party in the middle of the week.

    Decroate your friends house to celebrate Christmas in July.....

    Install a truck horn to 'The Clapper' inside your friends house so anytime a loud noise happens...it goes off

    Install a truck horn to an alarm clock inside your friends house for the nice clam wake up calls...hope fully you put this somewhere like underneath his bed....

    Put a pad-lock on his fridge

    change the locks on his house

    put a fake evicition notice on his house

    call the public health department on his house

    and so far...that is all I can come with....feel free to add to the list...
    Last edited by cincinnaticj7; 07-15-2005, 07:15 PM.
    I think girls go after me for my Jeep

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    Ha ha! Pretty good stuff - I say it's all fair game - except for the car! Anybody who knows me, knows if they so much as breathe on my cars, they will not see their next birthday. In fact, they will not see the strike of the next hour.

    How about stringing up Christmas lights and/or decorations in the middle of the year when they are alseep - or not home.


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      Originally posted by LovnTheFuzz
      Ha ha! Pretty good stuff - I say it's all fair game - except for the car! Anybody who knows me, knows if they so much as breathe on my cars, they will not see their next birthday. In fact, they will not see the strike of the next hour.
      We got this same rule at work...anything goes...but do not touch personal vehicles!


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        Remind me not to get on your bad side.

        Half of those I would even think about doing.


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          only prank I ever had played on me was that a jailer friend of mine got into my car (unlocked ) and turned everything on....when I turned the key my radio was blasting, wipers going full speed....heat...etc....
          stay safe and always remember to look up!!

          "You've been talking to yourself in the mirror again haven't you ?

          chat room


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            I have a better one for you.If your nieghbor is agrivating you, hang all your old dirty undies on his laundry line while they are sleeping or if they are gone you can also send some in the mail!.If that doesn't scare him nothing will!

            Just joking!HeHe!
            Last edited by frank; 07-17-2005, 05:21 PM.


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              Actually, If someone did all those things, Assuming you may know who did it, couldn't the victume get them for something against the law.I think personally, if it is a friend, that is one thing,But if it was someone out for a stupid vendetta for something they think they have to get you back for,I think they should get there @ZZ in trouble,because sometimes things go to far and no-one wins a game like that!


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