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Comming for 2005 "Police Chrsitmas songs"


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  • Comming for 2005 "Police Chrsitmas songs"

    Now on radio! You have to hear it,to believe It!
    Police Christmas songs!
    Hear is just a sample of some of the songs you will miss if you don't buy one of these excellenet albums!

    No! It is not I'll be home for Christmas!
    IT IS!

    I'll be seeing you in Prison
    in your cell behind bars
    No christmas tree or missle toe
    Just a bed and you're toiletry soap bar

    The guards will not care about you
    Neither will no-body else
    I will be seeing you in prison
    With the other no-good losers in their cells!

    Thats just one exciting peice from the Police Christmas album!

    NO It is not Jingle Bells!......................... Duh!

    Running from the cop
    and his flashing police car lights
    I thought I could get away
    Now, he's taking away my rights!

    I thought I would be smart
    and get away with it
    But now I know I'm in big trouble
    and chest deep down in SH%^$^&$T

    I'm in trouble and deep in s%$#&^T
    I need a lawyer now,
    Because, I did bad and got in trouble
    now my @ZZ is in a fire
    I don;t know if you really care or if I end up in a cell.
    It's not a place I want to go...
    Because,I'll be going straight to H^%$#LL.

    Santa say's........... To bad idiot!

    Oh! Yes and the best song of all!

    The 12 day's of police work!
    Had to do...5 Police arrests,

    do...4 investigations

    check...3 burglaries

    give out...2 speeding tickets

    and test drive...
    1 new (2006)Dodge Police Car!!
    That is the new 2006 Dodge Interceptor!NICE! CHECK IT OUT!

    OH YES!Thats just the beginning more to come!
    Just kidding!

    But Wait!

    You have to hear them sing! some of the good oldies from the 70's 80's It will really make you hum!

    No it is not! Mr. Post man!

    Mr. Police Man!

    and the one song everyone loves!

    New York Police!

    Everybody together now!

    New York Police!
    They are the best!
    They do alot of great things and alot of Arrests!

    New York Police
    have the best police women and men
    No-matter what the job is
    They always get a ten


    So if you need the best!
    New York Police are the best!

    You have to call: The New York Police!!!!

    The New York Police!!!!!!!YA!

    Sorry! No intentions to this .....All Police are the best...It's my dedication to some really good guys and thoughs who helped during 911!
    We love you all!

    You all have a wonderful and safe work week and "Thank you" for all your hard work and dedication to keeping us all safe!
    Last edited by frank; 07-11-2005, 01:25 AM.

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