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  • Chinese Torture

    There once was a man who was walking through the woods. He was very hungry and thirsty, when he came upon a small castle. He went up and there was an elderly Chinese man who answered the door. The man asked for some food and drink.

    The Chinese man said yes, but that he must promise not to fool around with his daughter, or he would have to face the 3 Chinese Tortures. The man agreed and went inside to a fabulous meal. After it was over, the old mans daughter came into the room. She was the hottest, sexiest woman the man had ever seen. The next day the Chinese man said he had to leave for some errands, but reminded the man not to mess with his daughter or he would face the 3 Chinese tortures.

    After a while the guy decided, what the heck. What can this guy do to me? So he goes and fools around with the daughter. He is completely satisfied, when he wakes up the next morning. Upon his chest is a big rock with a note.

    The note read "First Chinese Torture, 100lb boulder on chest."

    The guy picked the rock up and tossed it out the window. On the window sill was another note, "Second Chinese Torture, Boulder tied to left nut."

    The man jumped out the window to keep the boulder from tearing his balls off, when he found the third note. "Third Chinese Torture, Right nut attached to bedpost."

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