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Homicides: Life on My Streets (Blog announcement)


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  • Homicides: Life on My Streets (Blog announcement)

    I have begun a new blog where I will be discussing what it's like to live in my neighborhood, particularly dealing with public safety issues. I have a regular blog where I use my full real name as the author. I decided to create this one for posts where I would prefer to remain anonymous.

    While there are many other potential audiences, I created this specifically with O.com members in mind -- at least those who are interested in my volunteer public safety work and my writing about it.

    My first post is a very long and at this point rather jumbled discussion of my reactions to having sat in on a homicide trial this week as a volunteer for Court Watch. The trial involved two homicides and a shooting by the same individual. It ended with a guilty verdict on all charges.

    However, it's not quite over because just before the jury was to return and read the verdict, one of the jurors had a seizure and was rushed to the hospital. Since the law requires that jurors verify in person that their individual verdict was precisely as read, if the juror does not recover sufficiently to verify that verdict there will be a mistrial.

    The blog post is an article in process that I expect eventually to publish as an in-depth piece that will also involve interviews with a number of key players in these events.

    Incidentally, there was NO media coverage of this trial.

    I welcome O.com responses from those who care to bother with it. Those who wish to are encouraged to use the comment feature on the blog itself (to save antagonizing certain folks here who vociferously object to my writing style, which emphasizes my personal experience).

    It would be helpful to me if o.com folks who do this would use their o.com screen name to identify themselves, or at least clue me in with a PM so I know who is saying what.

    Thanks in advance to any who choose to participate.

    Here's the link to the post:

    Homicides: Life on My Streets Part 1

    There is also a part 2.

    For those who find my writings seriously objectionable (for whatever reason) I recommend a simple solution: don't read them. I've even moved it all to an entirely different site.

    I'm not expecting any discussion here and I am posting this notice here solely to let people know about the blog. If there were some way to do that without starting a new thread I would do so.
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