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  • Narcan Survey

    Good afternoon,

    I am Katelyn Goodall, a Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate at the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT).
    I am conducting my doctoral research on Narcan training for cops. Literature recognizes that this is a controversial topic and cops have mixed feelings about carrying and deploying it. I suspect training may contribute to the acceptance in both positive and negative ways.

    This study and survey were both created in collaboration with my supervisor at the Center for Applied Criminal Case Analysis, Marshall Jones, D.B.A., a former full-time law enforcement officer and current reserve officer.

    If your agency deploys Narcan, I wondered if you would be willing to take a look at my survey and consider participating? It is about 10 minutes and anonymous. We have a good start from across multiple agencies, but for the results to have any weight we need more participants.

    The link to access the letter of informed consent and survey is listed below. This study is open to sworn officers in the state of Florida who have completed Narcan training.

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    We don't click on hot links from people we don't know, and we don't do surveys...


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      And your first four posts are four identical cross posts in four different sections. That's a party foul...


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        Even if people were willing to participate, the results would be worthless.

        Firstly, statistically, self-selecting participants present volunteer bias and invalidate survey results.

        Secondly, you have no evidence anyone participating in an online survey is who they say they are.

        If your doctoral program accepts such shoddy work from it's candidates, you should ask for your money back.
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